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Roads & Highways

GINPROSA´s experience in the design and construction of roads and highways is based upon the extensive knowledge of the founders of the company, who formed the design and on–site supervision teams during the construction works of the toll highways built in Catalonia during the 1970s. Subsequently, and throughout their professional careers they have created teams of highly qualified professionals, with an onus on continuing professional development.

It is noteworthy that these design teams have specialised in the design of “landmark” bridges, tunnels and complex intersections.

In recent years, GINPROSA has also carried out detail design projects for the widening of roads and highways and other design schemes to increase the capacity of existing intersections.

GINPROSA’s experience in highway design has led to its appointment, by the Spanish Administration, on the steering committee for the modernization of the existing design standards for highway alignment. Being notable the significant contribution GINPROSA has made to the drafting of the current Spanish Alignment Standard (3.1-I.C.)

Other noteworthy commissions in recent years have been for burying of urban highways in tunnels beneath metropolitan areas. One “landmark” detail design scheme was the burying of the M-30 highway in Madrid, beneath the banks of the Manzanares River.

The services provided in this sector are:

  • Scheme assessments and financial studies.
  • Traffic and planning studies.
  • Environmental impact assessments.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Preliminary designs schemes.
  • Detail design projects.
  • On-site technical consultancy during the construction works.
  • Special conservation and maintenance studies.
  • Analysis of concessions contracts.