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Urban Railways & Subways

Since the 1980s, in the large metropolitan cities of Spain, a great emphasis has been placed on the modernisation and improvement of the public transport systems though the expansion of the urban railways and subway networks.

GINPROSA, has taken part in both detail design projects and on-site consultancy and supervision of construction works services for the Madrid urban railway and the Madrid and Barcelona subways.

Of the works undertaken on the Madrid urban railway network a noteworthy commission was for the works to connect the peripheral cities on the southern outskirts of Madrid to the Spanish National Rail Network.

For the Metro of Madrid (Subway) GINPROSA has undertaken detail design projects for 4 contracts with an overall length of 20 km and 6 underground stations. The tunnels have been constructed principally using Earth Pressure Balance Machines, however some section were also built using the Madrid Traditional Method (aka Belgian method). In addition, some sections of tunnel and all stations have been constructed using cut and cover techniques between diaphragm or secant pile walls.

In the Barcelona Metro (Subway) GINPROSA has undertaken general engineering consultancy services to the Clients Representative as well as being an independent checker of the design and construction of the works.

Included in the consultancy services were the checking of the Line 5 detail design projects, after the collapse of a tunnel in the District of “El Carmel”. This check led to the Public Administration and Clients Representative modifying their site supervision and control protocols, by means of a document authored by GINPROSA specifying the instrumentation and monitoring procedures to be employed in the tunnels and the adjacent surface structures.

GINPROSA has also undertaken detail design projects and on-site technical consultancy during the construction of ancillary installation for the Metro networks: coach yards and maintenance and repair depots.

Recently GINPROSA has also been commissioned for the detail design projects for light rail and tramway systems, the most noteworthy of which is the detail design project for the Cádiz tramway.