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The great importance given to railway infrastructures in Spain over the past 25 years has led to GINPROSA acquiring an immense amount of experience in preliminary and detail design schemes as well as on-site consultancy and supervision of construction services. GINPROSA has been a selected consultant for the award of railway design contracts since the 1980s when the first high speed rail line was envisaged between Madrid and Seville.

Since these early days the Public Administration has counted on GINPROSA for the development of all works associated with the construction of high speed rail lines, not only for general consulting, but also for the development of specific studies for the establishment of design criteria and for the production of specifications for other design projects.

Noteworthy specialised studies and specifications:

  • Engineering studies to establish the geometrical parameters for high speed rail lines, both for passenger traffic and mixed traffic (passengers and freight).
  • Engineering studies to establish the design criteria for railway structures under dynamic loading.
  • Engineering studies for the optimisation of railway tunnel cross-sections to minimise the effects of air pressure variations on the ear induced by the crossing of high speed trains (tympanic comfort).
  • Development of software for the calculation and management of train gearing systems as a functionof the track alignment parameters.

From a design project, on-site consultancy and construction supervision perspective, GINPROSA has been responsible for various high speed rail line contracts:

  • Madrid-Seville (4 contracts with a total length of 200 km) including the Stations of Ciudad Real and Puertollano.
  • Madrid-Barcelona (3 contracts with a total length of 50 km).
  • Córdoba – Malaga (1 Contract of 18 km).
  • Madrid-Valencia-Alicante (4 contracts with a total length of 95 km).
  • Madrid-Valladolid-Northern Spain (2 contracts with a total length of 22 km).
  • Málaga-Granada (1 Contract of 7 km).
  • Madrid-Lisbon (2 contracts with a total length of 25 km).

Additionally, GINPROSA has developed high specification railway lines with design speeds of 200km/h (124mph). Being noteworthy the projects undertaken in Galicia for the Atlantic axis where, in very mountainous terrain, 30km of track up to substructure level has been designed, including track, electrification and signalling. Amongst these projects of special interest was the Station of Vigo, located in the city centre, which has been designed as a completely underground structure to facilitate it integration in the urban surroundings.

Of all of the railway projects, it is worth highlighting that GINPROSA has acquired a vast amount of experience in the detailed design and on-site consultancy and construction supervision of railway tunnels. In total over 26 km (16 miles) have been designed, with approximately the half of these by conventional construction method and the remainder by Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM).