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Owner: ADIF, (ADMINISTRADOR DE INFRAESTRUCTURAS FERROVIARIAS). (High Speed Rail Administration. Government of Spain)

Completion Year: Under construction

Construction Budget: US$ 166 Millions

Contractor company: J.V. COPROSA / RUBAU / INSERSA

Relevant details:

Length: UIC gauge: 8.853 m. for single track.

Typical Sections: Nueva platform UIC gauge for 300 Km/h

Structures: 1 Tunnel of 8,570 km. Inner cross section: 52 m2. Rock blasting excavation (New austrian tunnel method). 2 Bridges for HSR. All the foundations are made of footings.

Earthworks: Excavations: 1,117,190 m3. Embankments: 222,725 m3

Services performed:

Construction Management and Construction Supervision.

About Us

GINPROSA was founded as a company in October 1990 by a group of highly experienced professionals from all disciplines of Civil Engineering. The firm has a staff of highly qualified engineers ideally suited to all of the activities undertaken by the company.

The principal services provided by GINPROSA  are: the development of Feasibility Studies, Engineering Reports, Preliminary and Detail Design Projects, Quality Control, On-site consultancy and the Supervision of construction works within the following sectors: Transport, Roads & highways, Railroads, Structures, Buildings, Masterplanning and Development, Water Supply and Waste Water infrastructures.

GINPROSA is an independent company with no links to financial groups or contractors, with its capital stock shared amongst the professionals of the company.

 GINPROSA’s head office is situated in calle José Echegaray, no. 18, 28232 LAS ROZAS (MADRID).  The over 2,000 m2 of office space is completely equipped with the most modern technological means for the efficient and effective production of all the business activities undertaken by the company. GINPROSA also has various offices distributed all over Spain.

Oficina Central

C/José Echegaray 18

28232, Las Rozas de Madrid.

Madrid. España.

T. +34 917 994 900

F. +34 917 994 910

Estados Unidos

2102 Business Center Dr. Ste. 130

Irvine, CA 92612

T. (949) 253-4660

T. (949) 253-4616

F. (949) 752-9316



Calle 93B nº 17-42 Oficina 302

Edificio Classic Center I

Bogotá D.C. – Colombia

T. (+57)(1) 5307920

F. (+57)(1) 5307921


Cll. 33  78-141 piso 3º.

PBX    (+57) (4)    460 2320

Movil (+57)  321 885 2793