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The last April 4th, 2013, finished the launch of the ninth and final phase of the board pushed, of a bridge over the bay of Cadiz.

The bridge has a total length of 3,150 meters and has an average width of 35 meters of board. This phase corresponds to the section of the made board by pushing. The total length of 541.10 meters has been pushed with a longitudinal slope of 5%. The construction of the board pushed was performed in 9 phases. The length of the sections pushed in each one of them is between 36 and 75 m.

The operation launch of this final phase lasted three days, including all tensioning operations of the tower tops provisional, pushing and final checks measuring reactions and deformations, ending the push of the more than 48 meters to its final location, on provisional supports in the pile number 9 of the structure.

The execution of the maneuver was carried out satisfactorily, being the results of arrows and provisional fixed points reactions like the expected in the calculations made by the monitoring team.

The final weight pushed has been 8,400 Tm. The 70% is a metal structure and the 30% is concrete structure.

Ginprosa has also monitored the lifting and placing of the first three segments of the board on the ground tower of the new bridge over the Bay of Cadiz.

It was previously positioned the first segment, which it weighs more than 700 tons, and it was prepared the two segments lifting carts and the auxiliary units for the construction process.

The dimension of the carts is 50 m long, 20 m wide and 8 m thick, and its weighs 500 tons per cart. Its large capacity makes them very singular structures.

On April 10th, 2013, was lifting and placing the third dovela of the cable-stayed section of the bridge over the bay of Cadiz, continuing with the construction process of the board. To have enough space for the location and operation of the two tower lifting carts was necessary to raise the first 3 segments by a crane with a lifting capacity of 200 m of height.

These dimensions have not precedent in Spain, and there are very few international examples similar.

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GINPROSA was founded as a company in October 1990 by a group of highly experienced professionals from all disciplines of Civil Engineering. The firm has a staff of highly qualified engineers ideally suited to all of the activities undertaken by the company.

The principal services provided by GINPROSA  are: the development of Feasibility Studies, Engineering Reports, Preliminary and Detail Design Projects, Quality Control, On-site consultancy and the Supervision of construction works within the following sectors: Transport, Roads & highways, Railroads, Structures, Buildings, Masterplanning and Development, Water Supply and Waste Water infrastructures.

GINPROSA is an independent company with no links to financial groups or contractors, with its capital stock shared amongst the professionals of the company.

 GINPROSA’s head office is situated in calle José Echegaray, no. 18, 28232 LAS ROZAS (MADRID).  The over 2,000 m2 of office space is completely equipped with the most modern technological means for the efficient and effective production of all the business activities undertaken by the company. GINPROSA also has various offices distributed all over Spain.

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